My name is Marshall travis. I am 30 years old, I have a fiance and a 4 year old daughter, and I'm running for US Senate for indiana. It's no surprise that given the current political state we are in, so many americans are screaming for change. While our current politicians are crying about books, movies, music, our lgbtqia brothers and sisters, and many other nonsensical issues, I am screaming for what really matters. 


I'm fighting for everyone to have Healthcare. I'm fighting for everyone to have better pay and better working conditions. I'm fighting for the American people to afford housing and education. I am focused on what really matters. 


We need someone who is going to refuse to continue the culture war bullshit that our current congress is subjecting us to. The American people are tired of it and the want new blood, so let's get new blood.


Talking to people across the state I have learned how to unify. I have learned how to effectively communicate, not just with Friendlies but also with opposition, in a way that actually allows progress to reach basic understandings. If we can't communicate then we can't get anything done.

Our country is under attack and the only ones paying for it are the people. It's time we stand up, demand power back, fix our country, and make it work for EVERYONE.

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