Police reform

I would start by removing qualified immunity so officers who do wrong personally face the consequences , not the taxpayers.

Also banning department transfers for officers who were terminated for misconduct of any kind.

Increasing training standards and time at mandatory academy facilities. These training standard increases would make sure officers know the laws they intend to enforce as well as the constitutional rights they have sworn to protect. It will also teach them better situational awareness as well as retrain muscle memory to use NON-lethal alternatives to reduce the police killings of unarmed individuals. It will also create better programs for officers, who want to do right, to be able to do right and safely report corrupt officers. 


Education reform


I plan to increase funding for public education. The goal of that is to reopen many schools that closed as well as increase staff to work at them. This will also be used to increase teachers pay as well as bring back school counselors as a requirement for all schools. This allows the teachers to not be over burdened and provide adequate attention to individual students so they can effectively learn. Along with staff and pay increases, I would fight to bring back after school programs. These programs would teach kids how to start and run small businesses, how to run for local state and federal office, and teach them how to rebuild their communities to actually set them up for SUCCESS. For far to long we have been setting our kids up for failure.



I plan to push for Healthcare for all starting with a constitutional amendment. My amendment puts the power back between the patient and their doctor with no government interference. The best way to get people rights is to actually make it a right.


Veteran care

I have spent weeks talking to multiple veterans. I have learned while the VA is a great program amd provides many services to vets, sadly its not providing enough. I have learned that is from budget issues. My proposal would actually triple the ammount we spend on our veterans. This would be used to increase number of doctors in all demographics. By doing that we provide more access to the millions of vets who are unable to be seen each year. My goal is to reduce the number of veteran suicide down to zero and the best way to do that, is to make sure they have access to all the help they need. They sacrificed everything for this country, they have been LIED to, they have been abused and ignored, and we the people see it. We the people are disgusted at the way vets are treated and its time to fix it.


Affordable housing.


It's no secret the way our country is going the banks are going to want a bail out. I believe that congress will give it to them with nothing in return. That doesn't sit right with me. I would propose seizing the banks portfolios on all the forclosed and abandoned houses in return for the bailout. I would then take those houses and do low cost rent to own houses for the American people with our homeless veterans having priority. Don't let the banks lie to you when they say we can't do this. We CAN, we MUST, and we WILL take back our power. Our declaration of independence said clear we the PEOPLE have the power not the banks or corporations. It's time we remind them.