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To return signature petitions send them to

54152 ash rd. Lot 150 Osceola Indiana 46561


I appreciate any help as well as volunteers to help get me in that seat.

CAN 4 2024 Revision FILLABLE
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Patrick Carleton
2 months ago

Hi Marshall,

I would love to learn more about your digital voter targeting strategies for the Primary Election. I run the Political division at http://eltoro.com - we invented and hold the patents on address-to-IP Targeting. If you’ve heard of IP targeting, that’s us; we do all the delivery for it nationwide.

We are NOT an agency - our technologies have been used on over 8,000 campaigns with a 70+% win rate, and 90% of our 9-figures in business is from agencies who whitelabel our techs..though we can also work direct with larger PACs/Committees at great efficiencies.

Similar to direct mail, we only need a spreadsheet of voter’s household addresses and the creatives (banner, video, and OTT/CTV)...but we can be live and delivering in 3 hours, and can deliver 30-40 banner ads for the price of 1 direct mail piece. Frequency of message is crucial over the final days.

Surgical accuracy, delivered to the individual voter household, while they browse the internet, without using cookies, and with zero fraud or waste.

I would love to tell you more about our capabilities and see what opportunities we may have together.

I’m available:
Mon 01/15: 11:30am-5pm ET
Tue 01/16: 11:30am-5pm ET
Wed 01/17: 11:30am-5pm ET
Thu 01/18: 12:30pm & 2-5pm ET
Fri 01/19: 12pm, 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, & 5pm ET

What date and times work for you?

Best Regards,
Patrick Carleton
SVP, Development, El Toro

Spencer Valentine
3 months ago

Are you running for Congress or Senate?